Update on Home for Clara’s Kids

Dear  friends and family of parker united methodist church! Greetings from your family in the Congo, Pastor  Clara, Papa Albert and the kids!

During this holiday season, we would like to wish Pastor Randy, Pastor Cody and the entire church Merry Christmas and prosperity in 2017! We continue to pray for every one of you and  by the grace of God we will be meet some days! As we are extremely excited about the home that you all are building for us here in Congo, we would like to keep you posted on any and all the progress! We had applied for permit to build the home! The process we were told at the governor’s office takes 2 to 4 weeks! We will be sure to send you updates through the my sister Katie Karp! Once we receive that the next step they will start digging! Praise the Lord!

Please keep the Congo in your prayers as presidential election was supposed to happen on 12/19 /2016, however, it has been delayed therefore there could be potential  some demonstration which is normally not a good thing here in Congo!

We do trust for the Lord to come to the rescue to our family and people of Congo!

May God bless all of you. Thank you so much for your generosity and love toward us.

Rev Clara Louise and family


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