Thursday, March 20


Trust God for What You Need

Exodus 16:1-8

Join us from 6:00 to 7:00 in the sanctuary tonight as we continue to explore some of our favorite Lenten themes from our scripture readings.  Child care is always available!  Be sure to bring your questions and your witness about how God’s Word has been impacting your Lenten journey with Graceful Foundations.

Did you remember the story of the manna and the quail when you read the scripture for today?  The people of God followed Moses into the wilderness as they made the great escape from bondage in Egypt.  But early on they discovered a deep need for basic supplies like food and water.  They found fresh water at the oasis of Elim but they still needed provisions of food.

As a test of their obedience, God decided to send ‘bread from heaven’ that would arrive every day except the seventh day of the week.  The people could eat their fill but they had to follow the instruction of God.  The manna and the quail were a great sign of God’s faithfulness but the people had a hard time seeing it as a blessing.  In fact, they started to grumble to Moses and Aaron almost immediately.


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The account makes be stop to reflect on my own faith and my willingness (or unwillingness!) to be satisfied with what I have.  At one time or another, the same kind of spiritual dissatisfaction seems to invade most of our lives.  We want more.   We want it in a different form.  Sometimes we just want what we want and we want it now!

I was dealing with a version of spiritual dissatisfaction a few weeks ago.  So I posted a set of words that help me keep things straight with God.  It simply says, “Trust God for what you need: Thank God for what you have.”  Those simple instructions make a daily diet of manna and quail taste a whole lot better!

Have you been dissatisfied with the activity of God lately?  Maybe a spirit of trust and a heart of thanksgiving will be the transforming gifts in your life as well.



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