The Blessing of Generous Giving

A week ago, I was called into the Tiger class in our preschool. This class of young 3-year-olds wanted to share with me about their generous giving that they had been practicing.  Through my time in their class, I learned that they had been learning about how to help those who are less fortunate than they are and earning money to give to Heifer International.

And the really cool thing about how they raised money for those in need was in the “how” that they did it.  They didn’t ask for money from their parents or friends.  Their parents didn’t just hand them the money.  They worked for this money.  When I asked these 3-year-olds what kinds of things did they do to earn money, the answers were varied: “I helped my mom clean up the basement”, “I helped do the dishes”, “I helped my sister”.  And when I counted up the money that this class raised, it was over $100.  Not only did they raise money for Heifer International in a big way, but they also blessed the lives of those around them by learning how to help in even small ways.

In the same day, I was handed two zip-lock bags with change and a few dollars for Heifer International.  One of our families that receives a scholarship for their beautiful children to go to preschool here at Little Blessings were the givers of these two bags.  They came with humility, saying how they were sorry that they couldn’t give more.  I was so touched at this family’s gift.  Even though they don’t have much, they saw a need of those who have less than they do, and they brought what they could.

In Mark 12:41-44, we hear the story of the poor widow who gave a very generous gift.  Jesus watches at the temple as many rich people threw in large amounts into the treasury.  And then this poor widow comes and puts in two very small coins.  And at that sight, Jesus tells his disciples that the widow put more into the treasury than all the others because she gave out of her poverty and put in everything she had to live on.  We are also called to give generously, just like that poor widow, just like our 3-year-olds who literally had nothing, yet earned money so that they could give, and just like our scholarship family.

I have been blessed through the acts of children and their families in the last week.  The generous giving that they have displayed has been an inspiration.   I pray that we all can learn to live life generously, seeing needs around us and giving all that we can with a gracious and loving spirit.

Cody Anderson,
Children and Families Minister


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