Sr. High Missions: How To Pack

abc_miami_airport_luggage_jrs_120616_wgWe will have a very full bus and luggage space will be limited. At our meeting, you will receive a detailed list of what to pack, but I wanted to get you thinking about they types of luggage you will need. We ask the youth to pack three separate pieces of luggage. The first piece is a large luggage item. This piece of luggage will contain all of the clothes needed from Monday, June 17 through the end of the trip. Once it is loaded on the bus, youth will NOT be able to access it until we arrive at the ASP center on Sunday. The second piece of luggage is a smaller duffel bag or item that will contain all of their sleeping stuff. This includes their air mattress and sleeping bag (or sheets/blanket). If they use a duffel bag, they can also pack their clothes they will need while traveling and toiletries. This will be clothes for Saturday and Sunday. The last item is a small backpack that they will take on the bus. This can contain any other personal item, reading materials, music
and their travel clothes if they are not able to pack it with their sleeping stuff. It is important that everyone packs in this manner. Youth will be given tags to place on their luggage at the meeting, which will help us transfer luggage once we’ve rented vans.


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