Saying Goodbye to Ketchup

Years ago, we were talking about Lent around our dinner table.  We were sharing things that we were going to give up until Easter.  My son, Matthew decided to give up ketchup.  Now ketchup was a huge staple in his diet, and so I asked him over and over again if he really wanted to do that because it would be very difficult.  But after a lot of discussion, he stuck with it.  And for those 6 weeks, Matthew didn’t have a bite of ketchup. It was hard for him at first, and it was a huge eye-opening experience to how many things that he had with ketchup.  But after a while, it got easier and easier.  After those 6 weeks, Matthew no longer had the passionate love that he had for ketchup before that Lent.   Giving up ketchup changed him.

We are in the midst of Lent, a time to reflect and really focus on strengthening our faith.  And as I look back to that Lent and Matthew’s decision, I see that it changed me as well.  It opened my eyes to the things that I feel like I need to have, but God is calling me to let go.  It helped me see areas in my life where I can strengthen relationships and enjoy them for exactly how they are.  And it helped me see that I need to continue to seek God and continue strengthening my relationship with Him, depending on Him for everything.

As we continue to move through Lent, I pray that you keep seeking those areas where you and your children can strengthen faith.  There are several opportunities to do this.  First of all, check out our Parent Cues that come home with your children from Sunday School each Sunday.  They provide wonderful ways to speak to your child about their faith, asking questions or providing experiences for them to grow.  And for those elementary children, check out the devotions that come home on Sunday mornings as well.  Finally, on April 4th, we will be having Journey With Jesus.  This is a wonderful Easter family experience where you and your children can travel to different stations, learning more about God’s love and hopefully strengthening your faith in the process.  Take advantage of these opportunities during Lent.  It may mean giving up a few things that fill those time spaces, and it might be hard to do at first.  But stick with it and really take this time to focus on God.  You might just find that you and your children will be changed forever!


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