Playing In The Sandbox – November // Cody

I grew up in a wonderful town called Lyons, Colorado.  My family moved there when I was in the middle of my 2nd grade year.  I performed in many plays, and built some amazing friendships.  I participated in three sports: volleyball, basketball and track and field.  And I graduated from Lyons with 40 of my friends.  It was a wonderful childhood, and I am so thankful that I was a Lyons Lion.

As you all know, Lyons was recently hit with terrible floods.  It was so hard to watch my town be destroyed those first days of the flood.  The images that were on the news and were being shared with me by friends were heart wrenching.  To see houses that I grew up in under 6 feet of water was a hard thing to see, but even harder was seeing and hearing all about it, and not being able to be there and do anything for the people and town that I love.

A few weeks ago, Jason and I were able to go and worship with the Lyons Community Church (which is the Methodist church there). We were able to see the devastation first hand.  We were able to hear survival stories.  And most importantly, we were able to just be.

The town of Lyons has a long recovery ahead of them.  I know that many of us would love to get right in there and help out NOW, and there are ways that we can do that.  But know that this is going to be a long journey with the town of Lyons, and we will be there with them through the entire time.  Looking to help?  We are looking for teams of 3-4 people who would be willing to drive up on a Sunday morning and worship with the Lyons Community Church and just be.  If you would like to volunteer to help get the sludge cleaned up and meet other labor needs, you can call the church and we can get you on a team. Or if you and your family would like to make flood buckets, the town is in great need of them.  But most importantly, just pray.

Thank you so much for your care and concern for my hometown.  And thank you for being along for the journey as we walk with the town of Lyons.


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