New Challenges Create Opportunities to Build Relationships

This time of year is always filled with new things.

Students go back to school.  Families shift gears and begin to look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Children in the church are promoted from one classroom to another.  New things bring new life and fresh energy.

There is no shortage of new things happening here at the church.  The Tapestry congregation is off to a great start, our preschool has just taken a major step of expansion, and the Spirit of the Lord is running full speed ahead.  But you will also remember that Jesus taught us to be willing take risks without being reckless.  In fact, he taught that where faith flourishes, there will be opposition.

To be honest, we have our fair share of issues that need to be resolved.  We were blessed with a new leader (Wendy White) to work with our children and families but we are still searching for a new director of student ministries.  We need a double dose of dedicated prayer to resolve that issue in a positive and expansive way.

We have also had some delays with our exterior project that includes expansion of parking, paving of the lots, and significant landscaping.  We have a great team working with the town to get the site plan approved and to interact with the contractor to get the strongest project for the dollars that are available.

We are seeing the cost of the project increase from our original projections.  This too is another place where we would call upon everyone to pray and to faithfully engage.

Meanwhile, God is good, the future is bright and ministry continues to unfold in the lives of people.   When it comes right down to it…ministry is always about relationship.  Your relationships with your sisters and brothers in the congregation are a very significant part of the plan.  But your engagement with your neighbors, co-workers, fellow students, and people you meet in the course of life are also very much a part of the plan.  Let’s reach out and see how many ways we can create blessing for people around us!

One last thought; I hope you are planning to be with us in worship as we move through October and into the holidays.  I know you will be blessed by the fellowship and I am certain you will be encouraged for your journey of faith as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  I am looking forward to seeing you then!

Yours in Christ

Randy Jessen


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