Monday March 10


Welcome to Monday!

Psalm 32

Welcome to Monday! Our Scripture reading for today will take us to the 32nd Psalm. There we will find a beautiful sequence that describes the loving activity of God in our lives. The entire Psalm is a wonderful message of hope, forgiveness, protection, and direction from the heart of God. I want to invite you to make verse 7 the focus of our conversation.

“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

I have been reading the C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia lately. Do you remember the image of Aslan the lion who carries a Christ-like image throughout the seven book series? Aslan is mysterious, often invisible, and always majestic. His mane is large, deep, rich, and golden. From time to time the children rub against his mane and become lost in the warmth of his love. It was Aslan who gave birth to Narnia by singing in low tones that swept the land with beauty and gave breath to the creatures


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I think of Aslan’s song of creation when I read Psalm 32:7!  The image is powerful; the God who brought life to the world also gave forgiveness to his people.  That same God of eternity becomes the place where we can find safety and solace.  From that peaceful position we can hear the songs of deliverance.

In my mind, the songs of deliverance are beautiful melodies that surround us day and night day after day.  Sometimes our spiritual sensitivities are heightened so we can hear the music. But other days, the harmony simply envelops our lives even if we don’t tune into the divine choir.  It is a lot like the grace of God!  Grace is always available.  It is eternally present.  It never goes away and it is always abundantly beautiful beyond belief.

Our job is simple (yet quite complex), through acts of faithful obedience, we tune our lives to hear the song of deliverance that God is singing at this very moment.  Are you tuned in?  Listen…do you hear it?



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