March 26, 2014

Have You Forsaken God?

Jeremiah 2:4-13

[one_half] Jeremiah was a prophet in Judah during a time of great disharmony.  God was about to forsake Israel – the House of Jacob – because the people were disobedient.  Jeremiah’s job was clear.  He was charged with the responsibility of speaking to the people and defining the sins of Israel.

In chapter two verse thirteen we have a concise summary of the problem.  First, the people had given up on God.  That was the most difficult sin of all time.  Anytime we give up on God we are rejecting the graceful love that God wants to share with all of humanity.  The second issue is a bit more mysterious but maybe more instructive for life today… ‘You have dug your own cisterns.’

Essentially, the people were struggling with a situation that is common in our day.  They were discounting the power of God and increasing in their own ability to become self sufficient and egocentric.  In common language, the people were saying, “no thanks God, we are just fine.  We will do just fine without you, thank you very much.” [/one_half]

[one_half last=last] God, who is rich in mercy, has a deep desire to enter into a loving relationship that is interdependent.  Not independent or co-dependent but strongly interdependent between the heart of God and the soul of the person.

Have you forsaken God?  Have you dug your own cisterns?  Have you come to count on your own abilities more than relying on the heart of God?  Speak Jeremiah, speak! [/one_half]


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