Living in a Spirit of Unity

I have been studying the New Testament book of Philippians in the last few weeks.  It is a beautiful section of Scripture that has a compelling message for today.  There are some major themes that flow into our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit through the mind and pen of the Apostle Paul.  Ultimately, they end up on a page that becomes a blessing to every person who takes time to engage.

One of those key themes has to do with living together in a spirit of unity.  Paul is encouraging the people to share their lives together as a united community in spite of obstacles that are either present or looming on the horizon.  But unity in and of itself is never the final goal.  In the end, the objective in the Christian community is to live in unity for the cause of holiness.

Bishop N.T. Wright likes to say that, “Unity is easy if you don’t care about holiness.  And holiness is easy if you don’t care about unity.”  Both themes need to walk hand in hand so they can validate and support one another.

One of the ways we can be united together is through the gift of prayer.  So I want to invite you to join me in an experience of unity through purposeful prayer.

Many of you know that our United Methodist General Conference will be meeting in Portland, Oregon May 10-20, 2016.  As always, when the General Conference meets every four years, there are important decisions that will be made.  This session is no exception.  Significant decisions will be made that will have an impact on the UM Church around the world.

Would you join me in 20 days of prayer to support the work of the General Conference?  Here is the plan, each day from Sunday May 1st through Friday May 20th we will pause at Noon to pray for the delegates, the decisions, and the outcomes of the General Conference.  Some can lift a breath prayer while others can invest additional time.  Whatever we can to it will focus us on unity of the Spirit and on holiness of action.

I have marked my calendar for a Noon reminder starting on the first of May.  Let’s pull together for the life and future of our church!

As always, I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday or anytime you are engaged with the church.  By the way, don’t forget to ‘check-in’ whenever you are here!

Blessings to you all,

Randy Jessen


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