Humility from the Bottom of a Lake – Ammon

As I write this I am sitting at the bottom of a lake. Seriously. Well it used to be a lake. I am currently on the Sr High Mission Trip with 30 fantastic youth and 13 courageous adults. The house my team is working on is 100 years old and actually used to be a general store. Before that, where the house sits, it used to be a lake. Needless to say there is a major water issue. In fact one of out jobs is to dig a drainage ditch. It’s hard not to start asking questions like, “Why would they build a house at the bottom of a lake?” We can easily begin to judge others when such questions arise. We’ve been talking on this trip about being humble in our faith. We to often interject our own thoughts and feelings into what God is doing and by doing so we are taking away the power and glory of God. We are praying for humility so that God can work through us rather than us trying to make God work for us. It’s not easy to do, but we must try. When we are humble, God will take us and mold is and do wonderful and powerful things. Until next month, God bless!


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