God’s Team – Cody

I love sports! I played volleyball all throughout my college career, and have fond memories of being a part of those teams. And I absolutely love watching sports. It is exciting to see a group of people come together and, even though sometimes they face extremely tough situations, they come out stronger and many times with success. In fact, the most successful teams throughout history are the ones that had great teamwork, from the coach all the way to the players who sat the bench and were that support system for those on the field/court.

We all are a part of a team… did you know that? The Church is God’s team, and our team mission is to show others God’s love. Every one of us has a part to play! Some of us teach a Sunday School class. Some of us are a part of a mission team that reaches out to those who are in need. Some of us are part of the hospitality team and welcome people every Sunday to church. Whatever part we play, we all must do our part! No one is allowed to sit and not participate.

I want to thank you for being a part of God’s team! We have had so many wonderful players these last few weeks who have done amazing work! Thank you to all of those who have taken time to volunteer a Sunday or two a month this summer and help give our regular children’s Sunday School teachers a break! Thank you to all of those who donated time to be a part of the VBS team: those who created decorations and helped set up, those who volunteered to lead a station, those who volunteered to love on kids and take them around on their journey at VBS, those who were the support and worked behind the scenes, and those who I missed… thank you! What a blessing you have been, and what a huge difference you have made in the lives of the children in our midst!

I am encouraged to be a part of God’s team, and hope that you jump in on the action! Get involved and become an active and important part of God’s team!


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