General Conference 2016 for the UMC

Getting Settled at General Conference 2016

May 10, 2016
Arrived in Portland last evening, was greeted by several UMs and helped to the correct light rail train for my hotel.  This morning at 7am the Western Jurisdiction delegates and reserves met and began to plan legislative actions.  I will be monitoring Local Church legislation.  As a reserve delegate, I will not be in the actual legislative group that will make decisions, but will be available to support our Western delegates with eyes & ears and hands & feet.

Many meetings have already occurred, but the beginning worship will start this afternoon at 2pm, followed by the rules of the conference and a vote on Rule 44 which might be used for some legislation.  Rule 44 is a new possibility for how legislation will be handled versus Robert’s Rules of Order which has generally been the way of operation.   Rule 44 is based on Holy Conferencing – I will let you know how this turns out.

I walked around the Exhibit Hall which is huge!  There were even passenger buses there for clergy/laity to look at as a possibility for their church.   Many of the areas of exhibits, which includes all the 13 seminaries, all the general agencies of the United Methodist Church, all the para-ministries, and even Home Depot and Staples, had free giveaways.

I had a chance to talk with Dan O’Neil who is a member of Parker UMC also as we waited for the light rail.  He arrived on Sunday and will be here for the entire conference and working with the many delegates coming from areas outside of the USA.

It is now noon and time to get back to the convention center.

Ruth Wills, Lay Leader Parker UMC

You can stay in touch with the conference on Twitter using #GC2016 and #UMCGC.


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