Christ Centered, Spirit Led and Mission Focused

School is back in session, the days a getting bit shorter and the air will soon be crisp with a taste of the fall season. It is one of the reasons I love living in Colorado! We get a taste of beauty that arrives in very few locations around the world. I continue to be amazed by the glory of creation and be beauty of the earth.
I am not only amazed at what God does in the world, I also stand in awe of what the Lord is doing right here in our church. What a blessing it is to watch our worship services grow as God continues to do wonderful things in our lives. It only takes a quick look around the life of the church to see spiritual vitality and relational vibrancy around every corner. Our compelling mission is moving forward in a way that is pleasing to God.
We all know that there is always more children to teach, a growing number of families to encourage, more food to share, and more lives to touch. We want to be a Christ-centered congregation that is Spirit-led and mission focused. I see evidence of that reality all the time. That does not mean that we have perfected the art of worship or that our discipleship journey is nearing completion! It just means that there is always a ‘next step’ in our desire to serve God and to love our neighbors.
I have been truly blessed by the leaders who are serving our congregation through the Amazed By God campaign. A wide variety of folks are already on board as we look to the future together. At the same time, a faithful group of individuals have been meeting together to help us capture a vision of a positive and unique future. Those two efforts will combine with the vitality of our worship services, the strength of our outreach, and our ongoing commitment to excellence in all things to help us catch a glimpse of what God has in store for our life together.
I want to encourage you to seriously enter into this new school year with a spirit of joyful service and a desire to grow in your personal faith. Say yes to a new experience. Be a willing servant when an opportunity arises. And most of all, continue to be alive in your faith and committed to worship.
These are wonderful days! We don’t want to take them lightly. In fact, wouldn’t you agree that we want to honor God, be a blessing to others, and continue to give great thanks for all that the Lord is doing among us? That will be my focus for the days to come. We might just call it a posture of praise.
God bless you all!

Randy Jessen


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