Change is in the Air

The spring weather of May brings us a fresh season of change and renewal.  The earth begins to bloom and bear fruit as we see longer days and warmer weather.  Change is in the air!

Here at the church our key change points will be obvious as we walk through the next weeks together.  The first change is a result of your faithfulness through the Amazed By God campaign.  The most noticeable end result will be extended parking to the south and paved parking all the way around the facility.  Everything is on schedule!   You won’t see the background work with engineering, design, permits, etc.  But you will see equipment rolling in sometime in June with progress unfolding day by day.

Even though our exterior project will result in an important change…the real change on the horizon has to do with people.  After all, we are all about people.   We are interested in moms, dads, kids, and families of every kind.  That is where the launch of the Tapestry United Methodist Church comes into the picture.

Pat and Jennifer Bell are already developing a core group of leaders who will be essential to the launch of the new congregation.  That group will grow as Pat begins to shift his full attention to the Tapestry community this summer.  We believe that the Lord will use this new ministry to reach a remarkable number of people with the Gospel of Jesus.  It is a challenging but very exciting extension of the Kingdom ministry that grows out of the Parker UMC home base!

That means that our staffing patterns will change as well.  Our Staff Parish Relations Committee has been working one step ahead of the curve so we will be fully equipped to meet the future needs of the congregation through our staff team.  That dynamic is also challenging but exciting!

I am continually amazed at the goodness of God.  At every turn the Lord has been directing us into new opportunities while walking with us as we continue to offer ministry into the lives of our total community.  God continues to find a way to bless us.  I only need to think back to Palm Sunday, the Living Last Supper, Good Friday, and the largest Easter experience in our history to see the hand of the Lord leading the way.

I pray that this season of spring will bring new life into your journey of faith.  May it be so, through Christ our Lord.  Amen!

I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!!

In Christ

Randy Jessen


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