April 11, 2014

How Are You?

Psalm 31:9-16

[one_half] We come to the close of another week. Holy week is on the horizon and our Lenten journey will soon come to a close. Before we step into Holy Week let me ask you an important question. Have you ever had a Psalm 31 kind of feeling? Have you ever felt broken, consumed, forgotten, weary and weak? Have you ever cried out to God for mercy in a voice that echoed the distress of your heart?

Psalm 31 is important because it reflects the position of a spiritual pilgrim. A secular pilgrim says, woe is me, life is not fair, I have been mistreated, and I see no end in sight. But the spiritual pilgrim (like Psalm 31!) says, even so…I will trust you. Even so, you are my God. Even so, I will seek to live in faithfulness. [/one_half]

[one_half last=last] The ability to see and seek the spirit of God when life is difficult is a key quality of the faithful Christian. I am not saying that you should never be frustrated but the Lord invites our faith to trump our frustration.

I knew a fellow a few years ago who had a signature response to any ‘how are you?’ inquiry. With a set jaw and a stern face, he would simply respond with one word: terrible. I got the same response the first few times I asked, then, I stopped asking because I already knew the answer.

I have another friend who likewise offers a signature response. How are you Nolan? Super Fantastic! Which one would you rather hear? Better yet, which one would you rather be? [/one_half]


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