Amazed by God!

Have you ever been Amazed By God? Have you been surprised by a wonderful blessing or touched by the beauty of a moment? It happens all the time. I have discovered that it happens more often when we are actually looking for it to happen. A friend of mine says that we need to live life on ‘tip-toes’ in anticipation of what God wants to do next. I like that image. It is the completion of the New Testament principle of ‘seek and you will find.’

I believe God is doing some amazing things here at the Parker United Methodist Church. God has been strengthening our path, pouring out a spirit of hope, and raising up a wonderful gathering of servant leaders. These are exciting times! I love to watch the Spirit work!

Many of you will remember 2007 in the life of the church. It was the season when our new sanctuary was built and our ministry facility was wonderfully expanded. A beautiful gift was created so generations to come can benefit by a great place to worship, study, and serve.

You might also remember 2008 and 2009! Those where the years when the Stock Market dropped, lives were changed, and the world seemed to stop for just a bit. The economic downturn of 2008-09 had a significant impact on our congregation. The bottom line is this: our project of expansion was also impacted. We were not able to complete the full project that was originally planned and approved. As a result, our parking lots went unpaved, our landscaping was not completed, our required storm drainage was left undone, and our relationship with the Town of Parker left us with a limited ability to fully use our entire facility.

I believe it is time to turn that around and move forward with our original plan and much more. That is where Amazed By God comes in. Amazed By God is a capital campaign that we will formally launch on Sunday August 17th. It will be a time of celebration, reflection, information, and commitment as we step forward to make some wonderful things happen on behalf of our church and the fullness of our ministry in the world.

Leaders are coming on board right now! They will be providing leadership for the various elements of the campaign. I want to invite you to watch for more information and to be sure to be present on August 17th for worship as we roll out the initial vision. I think you will be blessed by what God wants to do among us. I know we will all be Amazed By God in the next few months! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to seeing you all in worship! Let’s praise the Lord together!

Yours in Christ

Randy Jessen



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