Contemporary Christian Book Group

The Contemporary Christian book group has announced its reading for Spring 2022! 

Please feel free to join us on the first Wednesday evening of the month from 7:00-8:30 p.m. to discuss any of these books that interest you.  Please email Susan Gustin to verify the format each month – in-person or Zoom.

April 6: Theme = Hope
Almost Everything: Notes on Hope by Anne Lamott (2018).  “From Anne Lamott,…comes the book we need from her now: How to bring hope back into our lives…All truth is paradox,’ Lamott writes, ‘and this turns out to be a reason for hope. If you arrive at a place in life that is miserable, it will change.’ That is the time when we must pledge not to give up but ‘to do what Wendell Berry wrote: ‘Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts.'”

May 4: Theme = Life’s a Mystery
The Art Forger: A Novel by Barbara A. Shapiro (2012).  “Boston painter Claire Roth has survived financially by painting reproductions, so when influential gallery owner Aiden Markel arrives with a bizarre proposal–her own show if she will forge a copy of a Degas,…–she says yes. As she works, Claire…doesn’t tell [Aiden] about her discovery that the stolen Degas is itself a copy. This knowledge is Claire’s lifeline when the finished forgery is discovered.”

June 1: Theme = Road TripsThe Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles (2021).  “In June, 1954, eighteen-year-old Emmett Watson is driven home to Nebraska by the warden of the juvenile work farm where he has just served fifteen months…. His mother long gone, his father recently deceased, and the family farm foreclosed upon by the bank, Emmett’s intention is to pick up his eight-year-old brother, Billy, and head to California….Spanning just ten days and told from multiple points of view, Towles’s third novel will satisfy fans of his multi-layered literary styling while providing them an array of new and richly imagined settings, characters, and themes”