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We record the message each week here at Parker UMC and are delighted to make it available to you. We keep an extensive archive of sermons, as well as our special dramatic and musical productions. So, if you missed the the sermon on diligent prayer from August 20th you can always catch up. Our prayer is that you’ll find a small blessing by listening to these weekly messages and that you will have a blessed week. If you’re a first time listener we’d love to meet you this Sunday. God Bless!

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October 4, 2015 Scripture:Luke 19:1-10 What should we truly hunger for? The story of Zacheus speaks of the tax collector’s hunger for compassion, belonging and forgiveness. Jesus meets Zacheus where he is and offers him those things, proving only God can satisfy our deepest hungers.

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Was Jesus a Disciple?

  Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20 Randy talks about the promise of renewal and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. He highlights three points: Radical obedience to Jesus’ teachings Being part of a community of faith Be willing to live a reflective lifestyle  

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Godly Wisdom

This message is based on James 3:13-4:3,7-8. Cody compares worldly, academic wisdom to what truly matters, the Wisdom of God. If we focus on being wise where it matters, answers to some of life’s most elusive questions will become clearer.