Tapestry UMC Update

Hello  friends and family of  Parker UMC!

The Tapestry launch is moving along and we have had some great firsts since I saw most of you at the end of June. We have started “The Loom,” a Monday night gathering at the Caribou Coffee up on Lincoln (across the street from the Wildlife Experience). At “The Loom” we get together and just talk about issues like how to practice Christian Hospitality and what we really mean when we talk about God’s grace. The Monday night gathering is called “The Loom” of course because the loom is where we begin to weave together people’s lives into our Tapestry. We start our discussions at 6:30pm and they typically run an hour.

As for Sunday worship, it has been fun to spend some time worshipping in other churches and experiencing how they “do church” as we think about planning Tapestry’s worship services. We are planning right now for Tapestry’s first worship service to be at 9:30am on August 30 at the Wildlife Experience. As we start, we plan to worship once-a-month on the last Sunday of each month. This will expand as we grow, with us someday worshipping additional weeks and finally adding additional services.  Of course you are all invited to join us whenever you feel the urge to see what is going on.

Finally, we are in the process right now of planning local service opportunities in the community of Lone Tree/Parker. I will make sure you all get information on those as well. We want to make sure that the community knows we are there and eventually counts on the work we do and the love we share.

Any and all are invited to join us for any of our activities. You are also invited to help support our new ministry by donating funds through PUMC. If you would like to donate to Tapestry’s start-up, just drop a check in the offering with “Tapestry” clearly written in the memo line. It will be forwarded to us. If you have any questions about anything we are doing, call me at 303-570-8145 or email me at rev.patbell@yahoo.com. I would love to talk to you about it.

God bless,



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