Official Appointment to Tapestry

Well, as many of you know, the last couple months have been notable in my family for the milestones that have been celebrated. We have collected a Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s degrees, and a Marathon medal! I was also commissioned at Annual Conference as a Provisional Elder, a big step toward ordination in 2018!

More than anything else I could say in this article, I would like to thank all of you who have sent cards and notes of congratulations. It is so wonderful to know that the people of Parker UMC are celebrating with us.

Another big milestone that happened at Annual Conference this year was my official appointment exclusively to Tapestry. The Bishop and her cabinet decided that Tapestry showed enough positive momentum that I no longer needed to be assigned to Parker UMC as an Associate Pastor. This is a big vote of confidence by the Bishop and the people of our Conference. It is also a development which calls for another huge thank you. If it were not for the people of PUMC and their encouragement and support, Tapestry wouldn’t have been launched. This new church is as much a testament to PUMC’s desire to reach out to people as to anything my team and I have done this year.

The last twenty years as a member and then a pastor at PUMC have been transformative for my family and me because of your love and the movement of the Holy Spirit through this place. We have worshiped together and learned together. Celebrated together and cried together. Through it all, you have been amazing and I look forward to a deep continued relationship between Tapestry and Parker UMC’s.

Please know that all of you are always welcome to visit us over at Tapestry and see how we are doing. We will be at the Wildlife Experience for the foreseeable future and at the beginning of September we move to weekly worship. This promises to be another incredible year as we continue to give Glory to God and do our part in building the Kingdom!


May the Lord bless you and keep you.


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