New PUMC Governance Proposal

Beginning in 2016, the church leadership, lay and clergy, began discussing a possible transition from our current church committee structure to a more simplified governance. Working with our pastors, our District Superintendent and our Wesley Council, a team of laity have completed the “Leadership Board Guiding Principles.” It was adopted at our December 18, 2021 Church Conference.

What is it?

This document describes a way to simplify our approach to governing the church as well as defining both the laity and clergy roles in our church in more detail. You can read the following documents here:

Leadership Board Guiding Principles One Page Overview

Leadership Board Guiding Principles Full Document

PUMC’s Nominations Team Begins Process for Selecting Leadership Board 

Please read and follow to apply for the new board.  PUMC’s Nominations team is soliciting and accepting applications for the new Leadership Board model beginning April 6th, through May 1st, 2022.  During the month of May, nominations will work to identify new board members who will be named in late May and approved June 7th at a charge conference.  The Board’s training and work begins in July.  The following laity are serving on the nominations team along with Rev. Barb:  Jack Kear, lay leader; Steve Kascht, Susan Gustin, & Doug McKinney.  

The PUMC board will be comprised of PUMC church members who are committed to furthering our church’s mission through careful prayer and purposeful decision making.  The new Board will use the Leadership Board Guiding Principles to help position our church for success for many years to come.  “Acts, Chapter 6, and Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus offer some examples of qualifications for church leadership.  Notice that the biblical qualifications focus on timeless qualities like “full of Spirit and Wisdom,” experience in personal “household” management, being “above reproach,” and practicing self-control in behaviors and relationships.  Before anything else, church leaders need to be growing as disciples of Jesus Christ.”  

Leadership Board applicants please read first:  Here are a couple of items to assist you in your discernment and potential applying for the Leadership Board.

You will want to download the “Guiding Principles” document which contains several items for your review:

  • Review the Guiding Principles document for a clearer picture of the work of the board.
  • Read “Appendix 1” which is the Leadership Board Covenant.  Every board member has agreed to live into this covenant and has signed it.  There is no need for you to sign it now.  This is requested once members come onto the board.
  • Download the Leadership Board Candidate Application.  If your prayer and discernment lead you to a place of applying, please complete the application.  It is likely that you will not be able to fully respond on the form.  Feel free to type your responses on separate pages.
  • It is important to understand that this process includes discernment by the nominations team and Senior Pastor, which leads to a few potential responses.  Sometimes the answer is “yes.”  Sometimes it is “not now” or “no.”  

Knowing this at the beginning of the process allows part of your discernment to include the question, “If the answer is not ‘yes,’ will it negatively impact my discipleship or my feelings about Parker UMC?”  Honestly answering that question is important.  If you feel like it would impact you negatively, perhaps now is not the time to apply.

Please email your application to Rev. Barb Sholis, or bring it directly to the church office, attention: Rev. Barb.

If you still have questions after reading the governance documents or questions about the application, please email those to Rev. Barb.

1Mission:Possible A Simple Structure for Missional Effectiveness by Kay Kotan & Blake Bradford